“Best Of” lists from the 80’s

It must be 80’s day, and who doesn’t like the 80’s? There up to the 30th or so season of “I Love the 80’s” on VH1 so that has got to say something. First up we have the Top 16 80’s Cartoon Villains, and I’m not feeling their list. Come On! Gargamel over Starscream, Mumm-ra & Dr. Claw shows this list needs more work in the fact check area for coolness. Next up we have the 13 Popular VHS Rentals of the 80’s which is just a popular way of saying what shit did people watch in the 80’s with their new fangled VCR’s. I don’t really have anything bad to say about this list seems very solid and covers all genres. I’m sure this list could have a few more movies added to the list but couldn’t they all? Lastly we have The 8 Worst Nintendo Games Based On TV/Movie Properties which takes the award for Longest Title with the least amount of entries. While the list is short it does highlight the bane of all videogamers, The Tie-In Product. I have to ask the question “Where’s Superman?” Everyone knows the boy in blue had a horrible game on the NES. Also how about Back to the Future Part 1, Terminator 2, Rodger Rabbit, Alien 3, Bram Stokers Dracula or Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The list of bad NES movie/tv games is huge and needs a bigger list.

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