40 Million Accounts Stolen in Largest ID Theft

Ok something is weird first they say:

“They used sophisticated computer hacking techniques that would allow them to breach security systems and then install computer programs that gathered enormous quantities of personal financial data, which they then allegedly either sold to others or used themselves,” Mukasey said. “They caused widespread losses by banks, retailers and customers.”

Then they immediately say:

Michael Sullivan, the U.S. attorney in Massachusetts, said, “It’s alleged that in the course of their sophisticated conspiracy, Gonzalez and his co-conspirators obtained credit and debit card information by war driving. War driving is simply driving around in a car with a laptop computer, looking for accessible wireless computer networks.”

So which is it, “sophisticated computer hacking techniques” or “war driving for open networks”. Breaking into an open network isn’t hacking, however depending on what they did after that may have been. Shit they could have been using something like Wireshark and reading the clear text. I mean if the network were open to begin with who knows if they even encrypt our data. Someone needs to go down for this and not just the guys who did it. But as always nothing will come of it, and the companies will boo hoo their way out of anything.

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