Alex St. John predicts “The end of the games console era”

CEO of Wild Tangent predicts the end of consoles, oh and he pushes his strangely Phantom like box. Also here’s a good quote “A large part of St. John’s argument centers on piracy and the emergence of community based games on the PC such as World of Warcraft.” There it is again, scare tactics, piracy & WoW gotta love it. Here’s one even better “His prediction is that by 2020 the market will be dominated by online community based games. The PC will be the dominant platform. It will be monetised by microcurrency, advertising and subscriptions. And that you probably won’t see another generation of consoles, because there will not be the economics to justify the investment.” Man this guy is all doom and gloom and don’t most Anti-Spayware apps warn you about having Wild Tangent installed? Yeah I thought so.

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