Bill Roper talks why Flagship went down

Part of it was because we overreached, and that was a design problem that was totally our fault. We tried to do too much. We tried to be a standalone game and a free-play game and an MMO and an RPG and a shooter. We were trying to be something for everybody and ended up really not pleasing many people at all….

Finally an honest person not blaming piracy and other shit out there. It’s simple, they banked too much on a game that was just not possible for their studio. The idea was there, the work was there but it never came together and they suffered. I think more studios need to learn from this, not every game you make is going to be triple platinum uber-seller. Sometimes those chances you take pay off big and sometimes you fail but fail with some dignity just as Flagship has done. I wish them all the best of luck and can’t wait to see what happens when their talent reappears in the games market.

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