Am I a bad dad for letting my kid use the headset in Xbox Live?

Two of the best parts:

Not five minute into my 11-year-old’s first Xbox Live Halo 3 match with a headset he got called “bitch”. Then “punk” and then worse.


I can’t listen in (not because it’s not technically possible, but because he doesn’t want me to and he’s too old to be babysat while he plays games).

Really? I thought until they were 18 they still had to listen to your rules. Also I love how parents go, oh it’s perfectly ok for Johnny to play he’s so mature, yeah and the box say M for Mature so it must be ok. Yeah right, would you like your son go on 4chan, somethingaweful or 2girls1cup? I got an idea, have him play with his friends only in a private voice chatroom it’s what we do and cuts out all the retardedness that comes from online griefers. Of course I think I lead the crowd for the most use of anything foul and disturbing but hey we’re all friends here!

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