Killzone 2 multiplayer – Joystiq

The Squad system allows players to form 4-man groups mid-game. Doing so will show you your squadmates’ health bars, allow you a private headset channel, and lets you use the squad leader as a spawn point, keeping you together constantly. Setting up squads is easily done in the spawn menu. When a player receives a squad invite, they will receive a flashing notification. Accepting or declining takes only a couple of button presses from that point, making sure you’re kept in the game at all times.

Guerilla Games also ran through the extensive community features found in the game. Full clan support, featuring 64 players each, 16 vs 16 clan challenges, four separate leaderboards, a mind boggling array of stats being tracked and a clan currency system. “Valor” is wagered by each clan at the start of inter-clan skirmishes, with the total being awarded to the winner. Earning valor will propel you up the leaderboards and the intention is to host official clan tournaments, made up of 256 clans, with the entire valor pot going to the overall winner.

The way this game is going it looks like it’s going to have what we wanted from Call of Duty 4 and then some.

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