11 ways Android will kick the iPhone’s ass | News | TechRadar UK

So Android has arrived with the announcement of the T-Mobile G1. The HTC-manufactured phone certainly has a few nice touches, despite its lack of multi-touch (and with T-Mobile’s particular variant, no accelerometer).

But while this particular handset might not be the technology king to beat the iPhone, the potential’s there. And the OS looks super-hot. Here’s why Android can make its presence felt and could really threaten the iPhone.

I dunno, this list really didn’t sell me, and argument 6 “It’ll have flash” goes to say “We don’t think it’ll be to long before somebody develops”. Uhm that doesn’t sound like a plus to me, the Android SDK has been out long enough for that to have happened. Still I’m not feeling the hype on this one, long haul this looks like a competitor with Symbian & Win Mobile to me. And T-Mobile has the worst 3G service, I should know, I have them.

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