5 Reasons Not to Buy a DSi

Some new info here, I haven’t read elsewhere. 3 megapixel camera outisde, 0.3 megapixel camera inside. No mp3 support, only AAC. Not mentioned in this article is the fact that the DSi will be region locked due to the built in online store. Think Japanese store in Japanese versus US store in English. So importing one when it comes out is kind of stupid.

The only benefit to upgrading that I can see is a slightly larger screen. I don’t really need the the camera.  I can understand the low resolution of the inward facing one due to bandwidth issues of games that would support putting your face in it.I can only hope that Nintendo makes some kind of game to highlight the camera that would make it a must have, otherwise it’s not really a selling point.

The media playback functionality I can already achieve with Moonshell, and I have found it to be of limited usefullness.  The maximum card size is 2 gigs unless you get the micro SDHC version, and you don’t really want to waste that on music, mostly you want it for games. Not to mention that the speakers on the DS are dismal enough as it is, the DSi makes no mention of audio upgrades at all. So you’re stuck with headphones at best. Lack of mp3 support just puts another nail in the media player coffin.

Overall, unless they find that killer app, I can’t say that I would upgrade.


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