The Laser-Powered HDTV

LASER BEAMS! I wonder which one would win in a steel cage deathmatch, OLED or Lasers? The Mitsubishi LaserVue-65 is $7k for a 65in TV, which isn’t so bad considering it’s suppose to be the cream of the crop. In prespective the 65in Panasonica Viera is $6k, the 70in Sony Bravia is 20k with the 55in being $7k and the 60in Pioneer Kuro being $6.5k so really is $7k all the bad for a 65in laser HDTV, no. Also why do they make it out to be huge, it’s 65in, we aren’t talking 100in here and I’m wondering at what point does it make more sense to buy a projector than spend money on a TV. And while the author points out this is the best color gamut he doesn’t mention if that is to LCD/Plasma or does that include CRT’s as well? As long as this has zero ghosting, no input lag, 120hz compatible along with deep color and the ability to jazz up standard definition material like ffdhsow than I will be sold.

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