Far Cry 2’s Widescreen = FAIL

I don’t get it, I’ve had a widescreen monitor longer than anyone I know, Sony 24″ W900 CRT FTW! How come aside from Valve and id no one seems to either want to code a 16:9 screen resolution or they just go and fuck it up? Battlefield 2 & 2142 were the worse about this claiming it made gaming unfair. UNFAIR, what the FUCK, how is it unfair because I can see slightly more out of my peripheral vision, I could also say it’s not fair people get to run Crysis at 1600×1200 with all the goodies turned on because they can see better. But that’s never deemed unfair just that they have a better video card, so that’s ok, but because I have a widescreen monitor I’m somehow a cheater, I get it. And it’s not like we’re asking to do Cinemascope 2:25:1 aspect ratio or some other ungodly wide resolution, no all we’re asking is to use what 98% of all fucking gaming rigs come with now, A WIDESCREEN FUCKING MONITOR!

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