How the CNN Holographic Interview System Works

We are getting closer to tele-presence, I consider this something of an alpha test. It’s a good idea, good implementation but it’s not quite perfect yet. Here’s the tech dirt from Gizmodo:

On the subject’s side:
• 35 HD cameras pointed at the subject in a ring
• Different cameras shoot at different angles (like the matrix), to transmit the entire body image
• The cameras are hooked up to the cameras in home base in NY, synchronizing the angles so perspective is right
• The system is set up in trailers outside Obama and McCain HQ
• Not only is it mechanical tracking via camera communication, there’s infrared as well
• Correspondents see a 37-inch plasma where the return feed of the combined images are fed back to them. Useful for a misplaced hair or an unseemly boogar
• Twenty “computers” are crunching this data in order to make it usable

On the HQ side:

• Only used on two out of 40-something total camera feeds that CNN has

• The delay is either minimal, or we’ve gotten used to satellite delay that we don’t even notice now
• An array of computers takes the crunched info feed from the subject’s side in order to mesh it with the video from Wolf’s side.
• Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the images are actually “projected” onto the floor of the CNN studio so that Wolf can actually talk to the person, you know, in a face to face. So it’s not quite Star Wars just yet. Only after computers merge the video feeds together do you get a coherent hologram + person scenario

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