Net is Running Short on Bandwidth, Report Warns

Nemertes Research continued to throw cold water on the future of the Internet last week, releasing a study projecting that demand for bandwidth on the Web would exceed its capacity by 2012.

This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard, seriously who paid these guys off? All this is, is more FUD to make people say it’s ok that ISP’s limit our downlaods to xxxGB per month. So Mr. ISP, where are the billions and billions of dollars and extensions you were given by us the taxpayers that were suppose to go to ensure an upgrade of your network and make the U.S. #1 in fiber? What’s that? Oh you blew it all on coke and snorted it up your nose and now you want more money and to give us less bandwidth, FUCK YOU! Look at Japan, Sweden and Korean, you don’t hear them calling foul on their users, you know why, CAUSE THEY FUCKING DID SOMETHING, THAT’S WHY!

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