The Otacon and Sunny Relationship – MGS4

The relationship between introverted computer genius Hal “Otacon” Emmerich and his charge Sunny (seen above) is a diamond-polished window into the souls of the young men who work for Japanese game companies. A doe-eyed nine- or ten-year-old who resembles a child less than she does a scaled-down maid café waitress, she waits on her guardian hand and foot, cleaning, assisting with programming, and serving meals.

Now it appears the ideal lifestyle is one of a digital hermit set squarely in front of a computer monitor with an elementary schoolgirl in fetishwear at his beck and call. Could this be what Toshio Okada meant when he referred to otaku subculture as being “already dead”? Love it or hate it, the Otakon-Sunny relationship only really makes sense when it’s viewed through the prism of the moé phenomenon.

I took some out for compactness here, you can get the full gist after the jump. Hrmmm so wait in Japan I can get some hot chic to dress up like a maid and wait on me while I veg out all day… I wonder if she’ll goto work for me too! Muhahahahaha!

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