NPD: Behind the Numbers, November 2008

I hate Madden… let me rephrase that I FUCKING HATE Madden! But the numbers don’t lie. It sells and sells and sells and then when you think it’s gone, it sells well after most games have come and gone.  My biggest problem is this, with the NFL having signed exclusive rights away, it doesn’t let room for jack shit. Not only that but any other football entry is eradicated quickly, main because of insane Madden fanboys, worse than any and all other fanboys, as Maddenites are loyal beyond compare.
(more rant after the jump)

But what about other games, yeah they sell well, but no one seems to give a shit. They just push out games, all at the same time in some big one up battle but it doesn’t really matter, Madden is still king. Maybe if would help if they would you know actually market games the way they market Madden. One with contests and prizes, celebrities actually playing and enjoying the game. Where’s the big push for any of your other IP’s?

Sadly they will never learn, and we will never get cool games like an upgraded Mutant League Football which doesn’t need jack shit in the way of NFL blessing. Games like Mirrors Edge, LittleBigPlanet, WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 (yes I’m still waiting for a great wrestling game, sue me), Dead Space, etc all get the shaft by being pushed out and then forgotten by the time we hit the gaming desert and play the wait game once again.

Here’s an idea, how about you string games out, 2 games this month, 2 the next, then maybe if you weren’t jamming the fucking pipe up with shit and diamonds we would be able to actually buy the diamonds and let the shit flow free. Instead companies just feed us expensive shit until we can no longer take it nor have the money to buy it all and then where does it leave them. Bitching and moaning like sissy girls, where does it leave us, pissed that Gamespot is trying to sell me a 6 month old used title for $5 off retail.

In closing, please game companies, OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES! Slowly drip out new games during the year instead of all at once and maybe we won’t forget about them and actually have the money to pick them up. You do realize your games cost us $60 dollars right? They ain’t free like what you guys get them for, ok just checking.

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