Drive Thru/Walk Up ATM Stupidity

I came up to this asshole on the way to get some money from the drive thru ATM. This isn’t laziness, it’s a new kind of fucked up I’ve seen a few times before. How retarded do you have to be to purposely drive up to an ATM only to have to open the door and stand there to use it. What the fuck is the point? I’ve seen this shit at the post office too, people will drive up to the mail box, only to shut off their fucking car, get out, put some mail in the slot and then get back in. They need to start putting fucking laserbeams on drive up objects like this. If it detects your stupid ass getting out of the car, obviously you are not able to judge distances nor do you know how to pull up close enough without fucking up your car to said object, it needs to melt your balls off so you can’t reproduce anymore.

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