Three Decades of Prison for an Innocent Man

The Department of Justice is expected to appeal the case, despite an apology to the Salvati family by Congressman Dan Burton, who spearheaded a three-year investigation as chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. No such apology was forthcoming from FBI Agent H. Paul Rico, who, when asked during the hearings if he felt remorse, answered, “What do you want, tears or something?” The agent, who died in 2004 awaiting trial on unrelated murder charges, was never disciplined for his role in the Deegan case.

That is fucked up, lock away an innocent man for over 30 years, leave 2 others to die in jail and you want to appeal the case? Fuck you DOJ! Each of the defendants get $30 million which after bullshit and taxes is probably like $10 million. Fuck that, 30 years in hell ain’t worth that kinda of money, hopefully Agent H. Paul Rico is rotting in hell with a red hot fire poker up his ass.

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