Chrome’s LCARS Desktop Part 2

I know you were all waiting for this. I’ve continued to tweak GeekTool and I feel like the flow is better now. First off, I’ve added a current weather map (unfortunately there’s no zoomed in view of the area where I live.) There’s also a history/what happened on this day/holiday display up top. I tweaked the date and time to be more asthetic, and you can now see the SMART status as a colored dot next to the NCC-1701 icon for the HDD.   I’ve also tweaked the Airport display to show more than just the first name of the access point.

I’m still not 100% happy with the bottom right display (it may need a graphical flourish or something to frame the weather pic, but I’m very limited on space due to the nature of the netbook resolution (1024×600). More System 47 screen shots after the jump. Oh and let me know in the comments if you want these scripts, although most are readily available on the web.

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