Rape games not really banned

Wow and you wonder why people are finally suspicious about the news media. TBS News does an interview of the Ethics Organization of Computer Software (EOCS) and then edits the footage to make it look like the EOCS says “Hey guys it’s cool, we banned that stuff”. To bad we have THE INTERNET! The EOCS goes and says we didn’t say that to which TBS asks for another interview and is kindly told to GTFO! And why people in America are freaking out about a game released oh 3 years ago, in another country is retarded. We really need to get over the whole sex and naked bodies are taboo and wrong shit, it’s gotten old a long time ago, fucking old stuck up tards. And if sex is so WRONG why is it that at every government convention all the prostitutes are taken and more fly in? Sounds like a bunch of “But I’m Above the Law” type shit to me. And if I want to sit and play some game like this, guess what it isn’t wrong CAUSE IT’S A FUCKING GAME!

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