Suspect may have contacted other pregnant women – Road Runner

In the wake of an attack on a woman who died along with her unborn child a state lawmaker wants Oregon to join 36 states and the federal government in making it a crime to harm a fetus. Republican Sen. Bruce Starr said Tuesday he is drafting a bill that would create a crime of assault on an unborn child and expand criminal homicide to include the death of an unborn child.

It’s sad this happened, however we already have this kinda new law, but not that new that is basically the same thing:

On the federal level President Bush signed a law in 2004 making it illegal to harm a fetus during an assault on the mother during the commission of a federal crime.

So uhm hey law makers, maybe you should look at the existing laws we have and use those. I’m sick of you leaving these old laws out there to just collect dust. Oh I know next time let’s vote to make it 2 years in jail if you jaywalk on a Tuesday but only during lunch, say 11am and 2pm, how’s that sound? I mean that’s when the most people are going to jaywalk anyway right?

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