The Smuggler Class Revealed for Star Wars: Old Republic

I swear to god they better not have me smuggle bones, grapes or anything else other than cool shit and finally give me a purpose unlike fucking Star Wars Galaxies where I waited FOREVER for a damn Smuggler update only to never get one. I like this part of his bio:

An adventurous spirit who’s not afraid to break a few rules can make a handsome profit hauling cargo to these hotspots, but it requires fast reflexes, fast wits and a fast draw with a blaster. Even then, the life of a Smuggler is always a gamble.

I sure as hell hope you stick to this Bioware, because this is what i want, break some laws, earn some cash, bust a few heads, all in a days work. Oh and I want to have Chewbachner by my side as well riding shotgun, every Smuggler needs a good Wookiee!

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