Prisoners Were Never Allowed PS3s|IncGamers

Following a report from the Sunday Mercury via Inside Time stating inmates at HMP Rye Hill Warwickshire were not allowed PS3 consoles and reports from the Guardian claiming PS3s were removed from prisons IncGamers contacted the Ministry of Justice to clarify matters. “There are not and never have been Playstation 3s at HMP Rye Hill. “

Hey would you look at that, media hysteria for nothing, gee can we get another helping of terrorist fear mongering now that prisoners don’t have PS3’s. On top of that they also add this fun fact:

All 18-rated console games are banned. The cost of purchasing consoles and games now rests solely on the prisoner and is not met by the taxpayer.

Holy crap, even a 6 year old nagging their parents can play GTA 37, and I’m guessing all these guys really are over 18. So the ESRB actually is stricter in prison but what about the children?? =)

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