CHUD Reviews G.I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra and now I’ll watch it

The only reason I wanted to look at G.I. Joe was because of Rachel Nichols but now after what CHUD has told me, I’m seeing it, read it for yourself:

Duke and Ripcord, two new GI Joe recruits, are introduced to the team’s secret underground lair, The Pit. As they take an elevator down through the many, many levels of the facility, all sorts of ‘daily life for GI Joe’ scenes take place, ranging from guys rappelling randomly into the shot, explosions going off to a giant firing range lake (and the glass encased sub facility beneath it). This scene feels like panels from the Larry Hama GI Joe comic come to life (very literally, as this sequence also appeared in the comic), but it’s so silly and so over the top and so much about what a 9 year old might think would be in the cool underground base of a group like GI Joe that it sums up the entire movie.

oh and I can’t forget this part:

The movie even features flashbacks to the youth of Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes, and has little kids beating the shit out of each other with nunchucks!

that’s right, kids + nunchucks = win! it would be an epic win had they used indian burns and bolos

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