Life Without Cable or Satellite TV Is Easier Than You Think

Here’s my 2 cents.  I live with 3 females.  My programming choices differ wildly from theirs and being the only techy in the house means that if I turn off the cable/satellite then I’m the one responsible for finding the content.  Let me tell you right now, I’m not finding episodes of Jon & Kate or Dancing with the Stars.  It’s a flat out waste of my time.  Not to mention if the content is stored on a server somewhere, I now have to deliver it to the high def flat screens throughout the house.  That means an outlay for set top boxes or X-Box 360’s.

Is it worth $100 a month to pay for television?  I think it is.  The amount of time I would spend looking for programming is instantly offset by my users being able to find the programming themselves, easily.  There’s literally an app for that (Thank you DirecTV).  Does it cost $1200 a year? Yes, but it’s why I have a job.  I like to think that I can afford a minimal lifestyle that includes television.  It’s the american way.  If you want free TV – move to Europe or Japan.  Their programming sucks though, I wouldn’t recommend it.

If you’re too cheap and you can’t afford pay TV, then tough luck.  Get a job Hippy!

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