Yoostar. Be Scene – Almost something awesome

So Yoostar comes with a highres camera and a green screen that lets you put yourself into clips of movies. Sounds like a great party game right, the next revolution after SceneIt, well almost. You see if you read the fine print it seems that the movie studios took this idea and made it their own. And by that I mean shit all over it. For the low low price of $170 you get the aforementioned camera and green screen but only 16 scenes to play with, after that it’s DLC time baby for $3 a pop. Uhm WHAT? Unlike SceneIt which has hundreds of clips included you get 16 and then you pay for more, yup sounds just like a great game, if you have no friends and only like 16 movies. Did I mention that the $3 is per scene per movie so in Casablanca’s case there’s 6 scenes, that’s $18 for them all, you can buy the whole f’n DVD twice over for that! While a great party game this would have made the grubby hands of the movie execs once again shit on us all.

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