Peters Protest: iPad, and Loving It (For the Most Part)

Its not a laptop. It’s a big iPod Touch. That kills it for me. It’s $700 for even a mildly reasonable amount of flash memory. Its guts are really only sufficient for iPod apps and nothing more. No keyboard and mouse plug option means it definitely won’t be an option for any kind of precise control for programs like the Adobe suite or Autodesk programs. Its best application would be a really nice video phone or a digital photo changer for the wall, besides the traditional iPod apps.

Exactly, while Stevie J might tell us all of our stuff is shit and his shit is fucking awesome, in the end it’s not. Why? We did not want a XL iTouch, we wanted a tablet. So you stay there Stevie J and get all “intimate” with your iPad, I’ll be over here doing what ever I want with my netbook, which plays Starcraft. Try playing that shit on your glass of dreaminess BITCHES!

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