Zombie’s Top 10 Zombie Videogames

Thanks to a discussion on Kotaku here’s my Top 10 list of Videogames with Zombies in them in no specific order, oh and no infected bullshit either.

10. Zombies Ate My Neightboors (Best Fucking Music EVER!)

09. Beast Busters (I will never forget some guy saying “Heads flying everywhere and dicks in my face” while playing this when I was 10)

08. Resident Evil (Scary fucking game for PS1, right up there with Clocktower)

07. Splatter House (Hero wearing a Jason mask and busting people with his fists and weapons can’t be a mistake)

06. Crypt Killer (Nothing says Zombie Massacare like 3 player shotgun action)

05. Corpse Killer (YAY crappy FMV games, never was able to get this for my PC)

04. House of the Dead (B-Movie Awesomeness!)

03. Zombie Raid (Come on It’s got ZOMBIE in the title!)

02. Ghosts & Goblins (Anyone who fights Zombies in their underwear is AWESOME)

01. DooM (The grandaddy of FPS’s, to bad Wolfenstein didn’t have Nazi Zombies!)

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