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Chromium’s iPad Review

Chromium FTW! (Chris' Piss, Gadget, Reviews, Tech)

Apple’s newest must have gadget the iPad has arrived, and me the gadget-holic was eagerly on board with my pre-order placed for the 64GB model as soon as it was available.  I have been stockpiling magazines in PDF form and comic books in CBR and CBZ forms for months now anticipating this.  The $699 price tag (plus tax) along with the $29 dock (times 2, one for work, one for home) was a steep price tag to swallow, but it’s promise was more than enough to justify it.  I’ve been living with it now for over a month and here is my review.

Mmmm Laura

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Left 4 Dead 2 Demo First Impressions

DragonTHC FTW! (Games, PC, Reviews, Zombie)

We’re all familiar with Left 4 Dead.  We loved the play style and the characters and the maps.  We loved the zombies and their special abilities.  Well get ready for more.  Left 4 Dead 2 is much more dead.  Much more and more.  I’ll cover the new features and the familiar ones.

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